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Sacraments & Special Events

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Celebrated for both adults and infants, baptism is performed during worship service and by arrangement with the pastor. Please contact the pastor to schedule a conversation about baptism. Baptism is a sacrament of God’s grace, symbolized by water, and involves promises to care for each other in the life-long faith formation.


Communion is celebrated monthly and during special services such as Ash Wednesday. All who have accepted Christ as their savior and children who understand its meaning may partake of the elements. The second sacrament observed in this PC(USA) congregation recognizes God’s grace in our lives and nourishes us to answer God’s call.  During the pandemic, this sacrament has been celebrated at home in conjunction with virtual worship.  


Offered every other year for students in grade 6 and older, the PC(USA)-developed curriculum, Big God, Big Questions, is the foundation of the 15-week course which culminates in recognition of the confirmand’s affirmation of the baptismal covenant and with Church membership.  Essential components of the confirmation decision by the student include Bible study, prayer, mentor relationships, and fun. Contact the pastor to discuss confirmation possibilities.

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Classes are offered periodically for persons who are considering joining FPC and the body of Christ. After attending two classes that discuss Christian beliefs and activities of the Church and after the new member decides to join this Church, he/she is paired with a Koinina friend for a companion in becoming involved in Church life and community outreach.


Weddings must be scheduled with the pastor. Call the Church Office at 330-393-1524 for more information or download this booklet outlining the guidelines for weddings at FPC. While most questions are answered in this booklet, the pastor or office staff can answer other more specific questions.

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